Description Billboard 1280x250px that appears at the top of the site. It can appear above the header or below depending on the site. It must appear without skys and it’s only for desktop device. A video can be added to this format (autoplay, muted and with controls).
Size Static image 1280x250px and vídeo (16:9 or 4:3)
Format Image: gif, jpg
Video: mp4
Max weight 250 Kb display. Initial load: 250kb. Secondary load: 500 kb.
Video: 1 Mb
Restrictions In case of HTML:
1. Only parts in native HTML will be accepted (It’s not allowed to use Google Web Designer / Adobe Edge Animated).
2. Trafficking HTML5 campaigns in SMART requires a .zip file that includes the HTML5 file and reference files.
3. For SMART to recognize this format the html file must always be named «index.html».
4. The upload of external resources (images, CSS and JS) will be through absolute URL. In an exceptional case of coming with relative url, maximum of 10 requests.
5. Consumption CPU should not exceed 30% on a core i5 computer.
6. The initial load, under normal network conditions (wifi or 4G), should not exceed 100 Kbs.
z-index Value z-index = 9